Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Week 2 Weigh In

Well week 2 is over! I'm on week 2 of my C25K app and will be starting week 3 this coming Saturday. The pace is a little different. Jogging for 90 seconds,  Walking for 2 minutes for 21 minutes with 5 minute warm up & cool down for a total of 31 minutes. I have also incorporated some mild arm exercises with a weight ball/dumbbells. I feel like the C25K app is getting easier and harder at the same time. I don't feel as worn out like I did on day 1, But also the longer intervals is a little more challenging. I just have to keep going! I have a few supporters on Facebook who are cheering for me and my husband is also very supportive. I hope the weather permits me running outside soon. I know I can do it on the treadmill. But being outside always different.
On another note. I tried Laughing Cow Cheese this week. The original Swiss Creamy kind. It was DELICIOUS! I'm a huge fan of cheese! One triangle is only 50 calories and if you spread that on some Ritz (the only crackers I had at the time), it is awesome. 5 crackers is 80 calories. It makes a good afternoon snack for me while I'm at work for 130 Cal.
So I weighted in at the end of week 2 for a weight loss of 2.2 lbs for the week and a total of 5lbs total.

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