Wednesday, January 23, 2013


So when I first started this blog... I mentioned doing a square of the week. Well since then I have joined a crochet group on CafeMom. In our group we decided to do a blanket. What we will do is complete two 8inch squares a month and send them to someone else in the group so at the end of the year we will have (24) 8" squares to weave together and make a blanket. I thought this was a great idea. The only risk is not knowing the people well enough to count on them to complete and send. I've learned that the hard way with my other CafeMom group where we did birthday exchange and I mailed off the 1 year old her gift and my sweet Isabel did not receive a gift in return. Oh well it wasn't the idea of her getting the gift. I thought it would be neat to share with her when she got older. Any who! Back on the topic. So I completed my January squares and I am going to mail them off tomorrow.
I wanted to do two totally different looking squares. I found one idea on Pinterest, but couldn't find a free pattern so I made up my own. It turned out ok looking. The other is just an old fashioned granny square. I got the pattern from Attic 24.

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